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Default New issues of Signal-GK the fanzine now available

Signal-GK was a primarily UK fanzine which set out to map a complete sector, Dagudashaag, and generate a complete set of Library Data. Each issue concentrated on at least one subsector - later issues covered two subsectors. Together with other articles on Dag and scenarios linked to the sector, it was hoped that S-GK would be the most comprehensive resource for any part of the Imperium. Issues were not meant to be version specific, with Classic, MegaTraveller and The New Era rules set covered at some point. Each author had their favourite version and it was hoped that the information would be easy enough to adapt to the readers' own preferences. That is why you will find a mix.
There were a number of contributors, with Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Stuart Machin, Nick Walker, Adie Stewart, David Burden and Leighton generating the largest share. The scans keep the original articles as they were published.
Copies can be downloaded from either:

and issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 12 and 13 are currently available with new ones being added.
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