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Default Sharik's Guide to the Third Imperium, 1115


I've found that probably the best way to state what is "in" a setting is via a Guide which may gather odd bits together, and provides a list of extent published documents as resources that best represent it, instead of allowing all published material to be fair game. That way madness lies, to use Shakespeare incorrectly.

This can be profitably broken down further into milieu guides. The most important one would probably be

* Sharik's Guide to the Third Imperium, 1115.

Sharik could be the "main" Narrator, and Gannigar could be the "Contrarian" who occasionally pops in his head with a warning.


Sharik's Guide is a list of resources and sourced Library Data entries. When an existing source has considerably large amounts of useful data, then we just point to that and not bother re-inventing the wheel.


The primary resources for the 1115 milieu are, strangely enough, the MT Imperial Encyclopedia and Referee's Companion, and perhaps even material from the Rebellion Sourcebook. Other resources are the T5 Deckplans, and the T5 Core Rules.


The Library Data section is composed of scattered data from a number of sources, and includes:

* library entries/descriptions of military organization found in MT FSOTSI.

* profiles of ships, worlds, and corporations, found in these published works:

Corporations (6)
Al Morai. SMC.
Barracai Technum. AD04
InStarSpec. DA05a.
MagnetoDynamics. AD03.
McClellan Factors. AD04.
Oberlindes Lines. AD03.

Worlds/Governments/Peoples (13)
567-908. AD10
Bellerophon. AD09
Chamax. DA05
Darrians (some data). SMC.
Dinom. DA02
The Federation of Arden. SMC.
Fulacin. AD03
Koenig's Rock. M02
Mithril. DA02
Newcomb. AD08
Tarsus. M01
Utoland. AD06
Vanejen. AD02

Military (6)
Imperial military organization (154th BR, 4518th LI). SMC.
Fifth Frontier War. SMC.
The Frontier Wars. SMC.
Lurenti battle tender. SMC.
Nolikian battle rider. SMC.
Sloan fleet escort. SMC.

Ships (11)
Ad Astra. AD13
Broadsword. AD07
Gazelle. AD04
Lab Ship. DA03
Leviathan. AD04
Rock. AD06
Safari Ship. AD10
Shaarin Challenger. DA05
Shivva. AD04, AD06, AD07
Bloodwell. AD03
The Gaesh. AD01
Imperiallines magazine
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