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I'm not much for metal (i.e. don't own a single metal CD), but based on the cover art, song titles, and reviews, I found an MP3 of track 12 and gave it a listen. It's actually musically very good (though maybe a little simple in spots), and the singer isn't just screaming or growling into the mike - my personal peave with some of this genre. The lyrics are understandable, with "The Zhodani Consulate" (though pronounced differently - zo-dan-eye' - from how I say it: zho-dahn'-ee) and "Professor Ricket" (maybe with an "s" at the end) from Adventure 6: Expedition to Zhodane both mentioned among numerous mind control references that imply the end of an open psionic war rather than covert ops.

It's good enough, both in music and content, that I'm now really looking forward to buying the CD. I've found one German source selling it for a bit over $20, but a different, US source should have it available in a few days, so I'll wait to see what their price is. It's something that I and my co-worker (who likes very heavy metal such as Pantera, which I just can't take) will both enjoy listening to during the workday. Thanks for the heads-up, Christopher!
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