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Default COACC Crew Station

Hello all,

I'm going through Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command (COACC) using Donald McKinney's MT Consolidated Errata v2.21.

During the process of entering the errata for the aircraft with specifications I've noted that there are some bits of information such as cockpit type in the Crew/Passenger Accommodation section are not indicated in several examples.

COACC p. 25 has the aircraft specifications for the Nuremberg (TL6) Attack Aircraft.

Offensive weapons are two fixed light machineguns firing forward and two light machineguns in a flexible mount firing rearwards.

The only information in the Accommodation section is Crew = 1 (Pilot).

As a TL 6 design the Nuremberg probably has a Complex cockpit for the pilot who controls the forward firing light machineguns.

With two light machineguns in a flexible that fire rearward there should be a second crew member. Unfortunately, the example does not list what type of accommodation the individual is using. I'm guessing that the gunner is using a crew station unfortunately I have not found details in my COACC PDF for the item.

Can anyone please provide the page number that provides the details for a crew station?

Is my guess the gunner is in a crew station the right one?
Tom Rux
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