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The administrator nods his approval. "Sharp. I can see why their search program might have pulled your file when you put in for landing instructions." He takes another long sip of his own drink. "Apparently I am not in "Need to Know" on this, so I can neither confirm nor deny your guess, simply because I don't know that for sure myself. But I have seen some things in the past five or six months that make me sure that something strange is going on in the Aster outer system."

"For one thing, those six active duty Scouts that stopped by here is about twice the number we usually see in that period of time. For another, I accessed the tracking data from System Traffic Control, which we operate here, and four of those Scout ships Jumped out-system on vectors that could only be for Aster. Here, look at a chart." He pulled the holographic presentation up out of his desk top and zoomed in on the area he wanted with a practiced twirl of his fingers. "See, there's really nothing to spinward of here within range of a Type S, except for Aster. And all of these departure vectors are most likely for Jumps in a spinward direction."

Warming to his presentation, Kerguelen takes another big sip, then sets down his empty plass. "I've also run back through our system tracking for the past six months, and we've had an unusual amount of traffic that didn't stop off here to refuel. Big ships, Navy ships. A battlecruiser, some auxiliaries, some transports. Guess which way they headed on Jumping out? It's hard to say with those Navy [expletives], they're indoctrinated to Jump out on ambiguous vectors, but all of them could have been going to Aster, and none of them left on vectors that would definitely exclude Aster."

"So now what do you think?"
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