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Originally Posted by wellis View Post
I apologize for bumping this but I've been wondering something: are most of the complaints on Traveller computers being too big possibly referring to the terminals instead of the mainframes?

Like how most people think of computers as being the monitor.

Or do a lot of complaints in general notice something about Traveller's computers being too slow (because I think a ship's mainframe isn't going to be small. It's not a personal computer)?
The CT rules state that the computer is separate from the bridge. Nothing says the computer space has to be accessible, so all the terminals would be in the bridge. It's just the computer, based on the size of '70s era mainframes.

I'm also convinced that setting the basic unit of ship size measurement as large as an 8' cube is unworkable, and when they were looking at sizes as integer numbers they weren't thinking of how big the units really were.
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