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Originally Posted by Condottiere View Post
Which probably explains why in the MongoVerse, computers become virtual, requiring no volume allocation.
Originally Posted by tjoneslo View Post
That makes the most sense. Computers do take space but it could easily be distributed, and there would be good reasons for doing it that way. You no longer have one sabotage incident render the whole ship dead.

GT: Starships design did the same thing with the power plants. Ships are designed with modules, each one contains the power plant requirements to run it. There was some confusion in the system of how big the plant in a ship really was.
So does this mean computers wouldn't takenup volume/dtonnage because the mainframe is distributed throughout the ship?

Or is the "computers become virtual" a reference to holographic terminals?

Actually I kind of feel Model 1 terminals or computers or whatever shouldn't be so heavy or take up so much space due to the fact components have gotten lighter and thinner.

And even with rad hardening and such, that adds dtonnnage to a vessel overall IIRC and isn't something specific to computers or terminals. Assuming one says computers being rad-hardened makes them so heavy.

Because a Model 1 computer shouldn't be something out of the 1970s. In a modern, interstellar spacefsring society, new materials and such have probably slimmed down and lightened stuff.
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