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Originally Posted by wellis View Post
Or do a lot of complaints in general notice something about Traveller's computers being too slow (because I think a ship's mainframe isn't going to be small. It's not a personal computer)?
This is closer to the truth. The question usually was something like "I have an iphone 11 which fits into my pocket and capable of doing everything that is listed in the software list, so why do the Traveller ship computers take up Tons of space and still can't do everything my phone can? " without completely understanding that about half of what the phone does is on an array of computers in a massive data center half a continent away.

The better way to look at this is two fold. First the Model/1 computer is TL-5, larger and less capable than an Apple II. If you want a good comparison look at the Apollo mission computer.

Second, in 1980 few people understood the impact of Moore's Law. The original sizes of the Traveller Computers thought up in 1977 have remained, even if the capabilities have increased over the 40+ years since then. I think these days gamer's in general have a better idea of the level of automation required to run a starship with only a few crew. So of course they're going to be big.
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