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My first full-scale ATU (Outer Veil) had no living aliens; just dead ones. Ascraeus Civilization (dead reptiloids) and the Monument Builders (far weirder). Ascreaus killed themselves/were killed in a massive war about a millennium ago. Monument Builders... Who knows.

My second full-scale ATU (These Stars Are Ours!) has its own aliens, which lack direct OTU equivalents.

However, in my OTU variant, Dark Nebula 2900 CE, set in the OTU during the early Long Night, there are, of course, OTU aliens. Aslan - a very young Major race making their first steps in space; Solomani (Rule of Man remnants); and Droyne (at least one local Droyne world). There is also at least one non-canonical minor race in this setting (the reptiloid/geckonid Desertborn).
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