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Default [FARS 2022] Olam write-up

Continuing (as mentioned in) this post in the chargen thread:

[FS 2022] Olam write-up

Extended Government Profile: AD7-3-JSA1/L3708/E538
Universal Extended Starport Profile of Olam Main Starport: A-AA859R6498

Report Date: 117-0200 P.I.

If one looks purely at the data profiles, one may assume that Olam has not changed much since the Grand Survey of 0150 P.I. And, in many ways, you’d be right. But, in other ways, Olam has changed, and quite significantly.

So what is it that has changed? Well, let us begin with the government. The Extended Government Profile of Olam’s government has remained roughly the same: now, as in 0150 P.I., the world is ruled by a barely restricted Emperor - a Judge-Emperor, to be more precise. The Judge-Emperor does not make the laws (not directly, anyway), but he presides over the courts and it is solely him who can decide if someone is guilty or innocent according to the laws. Obviously, in a world with billions of inhabitants and a high law level, one judge cannot possibly handle all the court cases alone. Thus, the “minor” court cases are delegated out to regional judges, while it is only the “major” ones that are sent up to the Judge-Emperor (though, he can override the decisions in minor court cases if he feels so inclined).

What has changed about the government of Olam is not that is led by a Judge-Emperor, but the identity of the Judge-Emperor. In 0150 P.I., the Judge-Emperor was Gerard Rannian, of House Rannian. But, as of the time of writing, the Judge-Emperor is not Gerard Rannian, or even another Rannian; but Saiph Lluzon, KCE, of House Lluzon.

How did this occur? Well, first, you should know that the position of the Judge-Emperor is hereditary - but not in the common way of “oldest child of current monarch”. Rather, a Judge-Emperor selects their heir upon coronation, and can change the heir at any time (this is all done in secret, between the Judge-Emperor and the heads of the military). Now, Gerard Rannian was never known for his mercy or kindness, but his two sons, Robert and Zarius Rannian, were notorious for their extreme ruthlessness and cruelty. Meanwhile, in the late stages of Gerard’s reign, members of the Lluzon family began to get closer to him in a sort of advisory role - first Arcturus Lluzon, and then his children, among them Rigel Lluzon (and also Saiph, though he was too young to be of much significance at this point). Before this, little is known about the activities of the Lluzon family on Olam - it is believed they immigrated from offworld around 0150 P.I., possibly from [FS 0927] Quelw, though this has not been confirmed.

As a result of the negative behaviour of his sons and the positive behaviour of the Lluzons, Gerard Rannian at some point decided to name Rigel Lluzon as his heir instead of either of his sons. Thus, when he died in 0180 P.I., the 38 year-old Rigel Lluzon became the Judge-Emperor of Olam, and House Lluzon took over from House Rannian. Robert and Zarius Lluzon did not take this very well - in fact, in 0192 P.I. (roughly twelve years after the ascension of House Lluzon), Rigel Lluzon’s reign came to an end when he was assassinated by Robert Rannian, and the then just 30 year-old Saiph Lluzon became Judge-Emperor. His first act as Judge-Emperor was to order the deaths of the entire House Rannian for treachery to Olam; many of them, include Robert Rannian, were soon executed, while a few others, including Zarius, fled offworld. These events occurred roughly eight years ago, and as of the time of writing Saiph Lluzon remains in power, and the whereabouts of the Rannians who fled Olam are unknown. However, a handful of individuals with the surname Rannian have mysteriously popped up across the Imperium since then; for example, someone called Koras Rannian was employed as a financial analyst from 0195 to 0197 P.I. on [FS 1430] Prorepe, and someone called Aliro Rannian is currently serving as a Squire to Francis Elloy, KM, of [FS 1624] Saucil. Neither of these names match known members of House Rannian, but, suspiciously, no background information can be found by this reporter for either of them.

Now, what has the change from House Rannian to House Lluzon meant for the world of Olam? Well, since the ascension of House Lluzon, there has been little change to the rather draconian domestic laws of Olam. However, during the reigns of Rigel and especially Saiph Lluzon, there has been notable change to the corporate laws of Olam. Under House Rannian, the world was rather isolationist, and the corporate laws basically banned offworld corporations from establishing on Olam, and limited exports to a small flow of primary goods (mostly raw ores). As a result, Olam’s considerable amount of natural resources and considerably-sized technically-skilled workforce went underused - in fact, there was a large degree of unemployment and people working in jobs they were overqualified for.

Under Rigel and especially Saiph Lluzon, however, the corporate laws were altered to allow offworld companies to establish in Olam - in some cases, with much lower taxes than they would have faced on comparable worlds in the Imperium. The combination of these new regulations with Olam’s large amount of natural resources, large population including a large technically-skilled workforce and large type-A starport led to a rush of companies moving in, especially in the high-tech manufacturing sector. This led to Olam being, since the last decade or so, one of the fastest-growing economies in the Permatic Imperium; which in turn led to Saiph Lluzon being made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Empire last year - the official reason for the KCE was that it was “for services bringing Olam into the interstellar community of the Imperium”.

In fact, this reporter’s research indicates no less than five Chartered Companies have both their corporate headquarters and main production facilities in Olam, including Wiseman Yards (manufacturers of smallcraft and vehicles), Shaasagra-Inkesi (jump drives and power plants), Saniisha (jump drives), Daash Works (maneuver drives and power plants) and Universal Turing Machine (AI and robotics). This reporter notes that, around the time each of these corporations moved to Olam, House Lluzon acquired some of their shares; House Lluzon currently owns 7% of Wiseman Yards, 21% of Shaasagra-Inkesi, 14% of Saniisha, 17% of Daash Works and 11% of Universal Turing Machine.

In addition, Fred’s Second Hand Lives, producers of “Recorded Experiential Memories”, have their headquarters in Olam, though it seems most of their products are manufactured elsewhere - presumably, on a world with a lower law level, for FSHL’s goods do tend to clash a bit with local legislation. House Lluzon are not known shareholders of this corporation.

The presence of these large corporations has generated a lot of employment for skilled workers; however, some reporters have noted that the corporations are not bound by as many employee safety and treatment regulations as they would be on other worlds, and there have been multiple incidents where companies have been accused of mistreating and exploiting the Olamese workers.
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