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Originally Posted by Adam Dray View Post
They have cheap fusion and Em-drives, no jump drive. Sungates effectively are wormhole travel, but require NAFAL installation of paired gates.

I'm flexible about when they get TL9 if it makes the economics work.
I thought they relied primarily on fission?

And is the EM drive akin to Traveller grav/maneuver drives or are there differences there?
Originally Posted by Adam Dray View Post
Sure. That gets us to the first colonized system and maybe the third.

Why do people keep doing this? Exponential population growth (70-100 year doubling) only pushes people out at a slow, century rate.

Are you saying that the rest of the impetus to explore new planets comes from billionaires who want their own planets?
What about groups, communities, or organizations that pool money together to send off a sungate somewhere so they can call dibs on the planets to colonize there?
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