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Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
When are sungates developed tech wise?

Do the solies in your game achieve cheap fusion power plants and maneuver drives for their spaceships a few decades prior to sungate technology? A century or two before?
They have cheap fusion and Em-drives, no jump drive. Sungates effectively are wormhole travel, but require NAFAL installation of paired gates.

I'm flexible about when they get TL9 if it makes the economics work.

Originally Posted by mike wightman View Post
A couple of hundred years with said technologies and space industry would be thriving, space colony stations, asteroid settlements and bases on the Moon, Mars, even Mercury.

Several generations would have been born and raised off Earth. Such people would be the pool of explorers for extrasolar colonies, since NAFL on a sungate constructor ship wouldn't be all that different to day to day life on an O'Neil cylinder.

As to why they would go in the first place - all it takes is a billionaire with the ambition to be the first to settle a distant system. Hands up everyone who would volunteer to go.

<raises hand>
Sure. That gets us to the first colonized system and maybe the third.

Why do people keep doing this? Exponential population growth (70-100 year doubling) only pushes people out at a slow, century rate.

Are you saying that the rest of the impetus to explore new planets comes from billionaires who want their own planets?
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