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Thanks DonM, oh mighty compiler of the MegaTraveller Errata! How I have relied on it in getting back into the game.

conanlibrarian, I know what you're saying - in a combat situation, it seems that anything less than 6,000 litres being taken out by one shot is a bit boring. No Ash or Bishop white-goo everywhere while you hook up their heads with alligator clips to a power source to get them talking.

But I think we're free to do a little interpreting around this. Remember that a typical human (UPP 777) with 3/5 in hits might take 3 damage in combat, which is then only applied to UPP characteristics after combat is over in Mega Traveller. Then recovery is worked out. Thus, it is possible that a character has been rendered 'inoperative' due to taking 3 damage, yet when 3D is applied to characteristics, they are not actually rendered unconscious, and suffer only a minor wound. We can interpret this as saying that they have been wounded sufficiently that they are unable to take part in the remainder of the combat (doubled over in pain, winded, whatever), yet only wounded in a minor way.

Similarly for robots who have been reduced to inoperative / destroyed. A random roll for repair effort could reveal that a character with the skills (and tools, even if only improvised) might get that last little bit of information out of them. A good starting point would be the chapter on Tasks for damage costs in credits and effort. Where it's important to the plot, a referee can easily rule that the robot gets a dying gasp in the presence of the players ("You have my sympathies," leers Ash through the white goo pouring out of his mouth - and did you know that Bilbo turns out to be an android ... he he he).

But having said all of that, there are so many smaller vehicles that simply have 1/2 as their damage rating - the grav "bike" and the two-person grav enclosed lander from the World Builders Handbook. Basically these things are not for taking into combat situations.

For the most part, neither are robots. There are specific combat robots, but no-one seriously takes valet robots into a fight - but when they do end up in a fight it's good to know what happens to them, and how much effort that the Wookie needs to stick the protocol droid's head, arms and leg on.

One last thing, I'm having trouble finding a reference to multiplying vehicle hits by ten for vehicular combat in the errata. Could you point me in the right direction, conanlibrarian? Or DonM?
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