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Hmmmmm. Having had a look at the Vargr robot on p.84 of V&V, (Hits: 7/17, 100 litres), and the Vilani Shadan Robot on p. 36 (Hits: 210/350, 2000 litres) it seems that neither Book 8 nor Mega Traveller Craft Design has been used.

I think 7/17 hits comes out way too much. A valet robot able to withstand a two shots from a Laser Rifle at short range - and needing a third just to make it inoperable? On the other hand, the Robot Book 8 hits are Volume (in litres) / 5 for inoperable, and /2 for destroyed. That works out at 10 / 20 - but bearing in mind this is for damage rolled in dice, so at 5D damage for the Laser Rifle, on an average roll (17 or 18), the robot would be taken down and nearly destroyed - that is about the same as 3 damage in Mega Traveller on a 1/2 damage profile, and we can concede on 1/1 on a translation into new rules.

A conanlibrarian points out about, 7/17 is what you get from 100 divided by 15 for inoperable, and by 6 for destroyed. So it seems for the Vargr robot, they applied the Mega Traveller craft formula, but simply forgot that the MT formula the volume is in kilolitres, not litres.

The survey robot at 2,000 litres (=2 kL) would come out at 0.133 / 0.333 (round to 1/1) in Mega Traveller craft design - and 400/1000 in Robot Book 8 terms. V&V lists 210/350 - which doesn't appear to be related to anything. Dividing 2,000 litres by 15 for inoperable and 6 for destroyed gives us 133/333.

Basically, anything at 6,000 litres or less (which is all robots at the chassis sizes listed in Book 8) comes out at 1 / 1 in the Mega Traveller craft design rules. Thus, the UCP (i.e. displacement ton value) for robots and vehicles start to get more hit points is 0.500 and above on the Hull table.

Do we want to come up with something that allows internal bracing / shock absorbing / etc. that allows a designer to build in more ability to take damage? And how do we design it to stop larger craft able to withstand enormous hits to their structure without breaking and unbalance the game?

One last think I could not resist. Sorry:

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