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I. Don't. Care.

At least not enough to waste time in a discussion that quickly meanders into statements of 'fact' that are as much based on assumptions/faith as anything else. I mean have you ever stood off an ihatei invasion force, or gone up against an interstellar rebellion navy?

{Unless of course you have wargamed the whole thing, in which case by all means tell us how you set it up, what rules you used, what assumptions you made and what the results were (the one time you did it), so we can discuss it on its merits. Or at least, did you ever actually roleplay in the game, or do you just armchair critique it?}

I mean it's about as useful as discussing space piracy, or why the 3rd Imperium should never have existed, or why artificial grav is a crock of b$, or how the exact numbers of troops in the Ramshackle Empire have to be identified before one can discuss whether the 4th Imperium has a snowball's chance in a red dwarf of surviving.

For crying out loud, you manage to pretend that a 2D map accurately represents 3D space, why not take the author's word that Aslan could cause a rebellion wracked empire trouble???
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