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Originally posted by Falkayn:
I. Don't. Care.
Well: You cared enough to post.

and . . .

Well: I. Do. Care.

Which is why I posted.


Originally posted by Falkayn:
For crying out loud, you manage to pretend that a 2D map accurately represents 3D space, why not take the author's word that Aslan could cause a rebellion wracked empire trouble???
Some few particular things must be accepted in order for it all to work. Every single thing that is possessed of this status works against the overall believeability of the OTU. Therefore, we must allow as few of them as possible to exist.

Jump Drives. Without them, everything slows down far to much to be fun in role-playing.

Thruster Plates. Elminates reaction-mass fuel and the problems inherent in calculating its use.

2D-Map. Because printing a 3D map useable by gamers in the context of the game is still impossible. Even if such a thing could be printed, I don't think the human visual system could ever comprehend it.

Jump Masking. Whoops. There's a whomping big load of trouble.

Gas Giant Skimming. Well, it seemed like a cool idea when they invented it.

Aslan Ihatei. Fleets of Aslan ships come out of nowhere and beat IN fleets of superior TL? And then successfully invade High-Pop worlds? Doesn't Tobia have a population of 20 Billion? How did the Aslan get the 100-200 million+ troops there that they would need, minimum, to occupy it? How did they transport them there? How did they pay them? What about Glisten, and it's billions? How did they operate successfully over the approx 15-20 parsec gap between the Imperial and Aslan borders? When such a thing as this is entered into the overall equation, we ask ourselves, does the whole OTU fall apart if it isn't there. Since the answer is, no, the OTU does not fall apart of it isn't there, then I must state that I'd prefer such such things not to be there at all.
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