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Well, like my father-in-law used to say, "what a bunch of mumbo jumbo" when I used to tell him about Traveller.

I finally left the business because I started to agree with him. And I saw SF in general moving away from space opera into a more gritty realism mixed with horror.

Nope, sorry, not for me.

And for every concept and idea, there's a counter idea that makes perfect sense. And then there's a counter idea that pulls it back the other way.

Since it's all thought game mumbo jumbo anyway, back to the real world where things really matter.

That's the real reason why I got rid of DGP in the first place and I'm even more certain than ever these days that I made the right decision!

If the Rebellion irks you, then go back to Classic Traveller. In my heart of hearts, that's my favorite version of Traveller as well. The rebellion was a ploy to try and increase the possiblity of adventure ...

History is full of things that shouldn't have happened yet they did. You can take any genre, Star Wars or Star Trek, and pick it apart from any direction you chose and you will be right. You can take any genre and justify it till the cows come home and you will be right.

(Psst: Here's a hint. None of it really exists.)

Such are the ways of us humans trying to invent things that don't really exist. It will have holes. Welcome to the reality of being a fallible human!

In short, you are right. But were I to think about it long enough, I could probably come up with reasons to counter many of your arugments. But hey, I'm not in gaming any more and life's too short.

Don't take this all too seriously. I'm grinning as I write it ... brings back the days of the debates we'd have at game conventions with gamers. Nothing's perfect, including us.

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