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I'll now enter in that I believe the GT alternate version of events where Dulinor's ships "explodes" (i.e whichever Imperial intelligence agency "disposes" of him at the most opportune momemnt) is by far the more logical case.

Dulinor, with freshly renewed Archducal powers reserrected from the pre-Civil War era, heady, arrogant, and not a little stupid, having lived a full life already with no powers of any consequence and having been of no real importance that whole time . . . and all the forces at his side, couldn't possibly hope, in just 6 years (1110, when it all started, to 1116) to come up with any plan which wouldn't be hopelessly transparent to the Emperor's vastly more experienced forces.

It just clicks that Dulinor would have been found out, and then eliminated in favor of Iolanthe's best friend, Dulinor's daughter. How's that for enhancing the security of the realm?
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