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As mentioned earlier, the LARP does tend to shy away from combat but there are instances when combat becomes a neccessity. The rules governing combat are a modified CT.

I will supply the player(s) with a number which is the "to hit" and the number of hit points of the opposing party. Players are encouraged to roll dice (electronic or actual) off the board. They then take the dmg roll and divided into the hit points. This will give a percentage which they could use to incorporate into the narrative.

For insance, Smooth rolls 10 using a 2D6 and 8+ is needed to hit. Moves on to rolling for a dagger and rolls 5. Against the thug who has 15 hit points. 5/15 = 33%. Then the thug retailates and misses. Smooth takes another attack scores only 1pt dmg. Thug scores a natural 12. With Smooth going back to score another 6. Then watching the thug fall, delivers a coup de grace.

This would narrated as the following:

Smooth lunges the dagger into the eye of the thug (33% dmg). Blood is everywhere. The thug stumbles backward but pulls out a revolver and fires at Smooth. His Dexerty effected by the loss of one eye, fires and misses. Smooth takes another lunge, hitting in the forearm. Thug smiles, and fires again, hitting Smooth smack in the chest. With one deadly lunge, Smooth summons all his strength and attacks the thug and again hits the thug with all his force. Mortally wounding the thug before delievering the coup de grace.
BTW, big thanks for all the players/NPCs who have visited the adventure to keep it going. One year on, we have managed to get the largest number of pages on any given post.
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