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Library Data

skittle: plural: skittles, perfectly spherical objects that periodically dot the surface of Farpoint (xxxx Foreven). They are thought to be caused by the action deep ocean volcanoes that leach out pure elements and the constant action of the currents shapes them into spherical hollow objects that eventually migrate their way to the surface and reside in the ice or pop out due to the constant freezing and thawing of world ocean's currents beneath the ice.

Elements across the periodical table, including the elusive super heavy elements, albeit quite rare. Most common are gold, silver and certain radioactives.

Oddly some do appear to have traces of complex refined hydrocarbons on the surface. It is hypothesized that they might be pools of hydrocarbons next to giant volcanoes, yet no evidence has yet been mounted to support this conclusion.

They are collected by surface prospectors, so-called: skittlebuggers (see: skittlebuggers and several Imperial megacorporations have mounted undersea operations but none have found the established the precise origin of these oddities.

Referee Note: Due to the hostile underwater life, many Imperial Corporations have backed away from mounting further operations. Deep shaft mining of the few surface outcroppings has been met with fierce resistance from the native Skittlebuggers mounting sometimes acts of sabotage and organizing the students from nearby institutes to engage in non-violent opposition through sit-ins, demonstrations, boycotts, etc.

Furthermore, the apparent randomness of their appearance on the surface leads to no one site where they would be concentrated. The honeycomb nature of the world also hampers the successful extratraction of the skittles. Therefore, there exists an unequal equilibrium between the native skittles and the thousands of Imperial students who descend upon the world each semester, as some are granted citizenship and permission to settle.
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