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Introducing:Ezekiel Thaddius Rhodes (Zeke)
Age:34 Ht:6'3" Wt:235Lbs. Hairark Brown Eyes:Green Homeworld:Terra/Houston,Tx.
UPP:C8AAB9 Occupation:Mercinary
Graduated with Honors from the Imperial Military Academy.Spent three term in the Army;starting out in the Infantry Zeke served his second year in training at Commando School.He then transfered to the Commandos.He served in two police actions as a team leader.After he was discharged he Became a Free-lance Soldier;Not wanting to squander the valuable training he recievd.Final Rank:Major
2 Combat Srevice Ribbons w/Command Clusters
1 Medal for Conspicuous Gallantry (MCG)
1 Starburst for Extreme Heroism (SEH)
Cbt Rifleman-1,Tactics-1,Leader-2,Admin-1,Hvy Wpns-1,Gun Cbt-3,Blade Cbt-2,Brawling-2,Demo-1,Instruction-1,Intrusion-1,(Environ:Stealth-1,Survival-2,Recon-2)
Altough he's no saint,Money is not the only deciding factor for Zeke when accepting a Job.There has to be alot of action,intrigue,cool toys,and other perks.He also has to like the employer in one way or another.The last stipulation;No work that's going to take him to Terra!Zeke's team was hand-picked and is extremely loyal.The five of them are like family.
The Black Dragons Elite Combat/Insurgency Team
Ezekiel Thaddius Rhodes "Zeke": C.O.
Kurt Harris: X.O./Transpotion Coordinator
David Hogue: Communications/Electronics/Medic
Mitchell Ross "Mitch": Recon/Demo/EOD
Erin Catherine Fontaine:Hvy Wpns/Sniper
Zeke's Team is fully capable of handling a vast array of missions