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Ok, a recap…

The rules of this game follow loosely a modified MT task system, outlined in an earlier part of this thread.

Save they will be written out in CAPS whenever they appear. Players are expected to roll off the game screen using either an online die roller or their own dice (crooked dice will be severely punished by unilateral action by the Referee).

Combat follows CT rules. Otherwise, don’t draw a sword or argue with a gun, unless there are no other alternatives. As it means quick and deadly death. Disputes between player characters will be resolved by the Referee Only. Many situations require brain over brawn.

I have opted for a “Take 20 rule” lifted from the D20 rules. This will allow a total of 3 miracles per character/group of characters. If a player finds themselves in a life threatening or dying situation.

They must undertake the following steps to avoid deadly peril…

  • [1.] Inform the Referee that they wish to use the Take 20 rule by inserting the following phrase: “I guess there only X ways to skin a Cat…” X being the number of “lives” that you have left.</font>

  • [2.] Provide a reasonable explanation to the Ref. how you would want to see the situation resolve itself (it will be up to the Ref. to decide whether or not to adopt the reason or not). The Ref. still retains the right to kill a particular character, if the player has been abusing power. This communication is to be done via PERSONAL MESSAGE, not on the Open Boards.</font>

  • [3.] In the PERSONAL MESSAGE, there should be something given up as a sacrifice, as a token of goodwill between the Ref, other players and reflecting the enormity of the cosmic change of the timelines.</font>

  • [4.] Player must continue to play with this handicap throughout the gaming session.</font>

  • [5.] Player will note on his/her character sheet the number of lives life.</font>
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