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M.Franklin was spawned in the Zeldar System in the Spica Sector in the year 1067. From a very early stage in development he displayed a keen intrest in the technology that drove interstellar society and what many forms and effects it took in the various cultures.

He eagerly entered service in the Explorer arm of the Hive Federation Development Agency. He began this career as a Secondary Rank 1 Engineer aboard the famed Explorer 614 on its 8-year comparative study of the Water Worlds in the Third Imperium. This mission was a joint Federation-Imperium Funded one, With Explorer 614 being almost entirely funded by the Guaran Hydrographic Statistic Club, an extremely sucessful hydrographic terraforming collective.

Franklin was satisfied with Explorer Service. After his first eight years of steady career advancement, Franklin found himself next assigned as Primary Engineer aboard Explorer 233 on its historic data-gathering tour of the Systems of the so-named "Claw", the cultures and facilites that surround the Great Rift. This Mission lasted a further 12 Years.

It was during this long and often hazardous mission that Franklin managed to secure for him self not only Explorer Rank 6, but also the title of Manipulator for his shrewd and able management of engineering activities during a breakdown in the ships Command Structure. The venture soon disbanded and a majority of Explorer 233's crew was assigned to the Mora Hydrographic Studies Institute in the Spinward Marches, as part of a Technical exchange program with the Imperium.

Franklin's curiosity of his new surroundings soon got the best of him, and he decided he would undertake activities as a engineer for hire, to better experience independent travel in this famous area of known space.

Franklin belongs to six Topical Clubs in his society:

The Federation Robotics Club
The Federation Development Agency
The Inventors Club of Zeldar
The Federation Manipulators Club
The Federation Engineers Club
The Federation Computer Club

Name: M. Franklin UPP: 99BBFB Age 38
Served 5 Terms Hiver Explorer Service

Zeldar (Kurfane/Spica)
2133 B898864-F Tp O:2235 804 Hv

Strength 9
Dexterity 9
Endurance 11
Intelligence 11
Education 15
Curiosity 11

Smell Sense-1,
Engineering 3,
Vacc Suit-3,
Grav Vehicle-1,

NOTE: All attacks are at -2


Cr 5000 Wrist Computer*
Cr 2000 Voder Translator*
Cr 15000 Vacc Suit TL15
Cr 2500 Spare Life Support Kits
(Suit Maintennance, O2 Tanks, etc)
Cr 1200 Inertial Locator*
Cr 500 Long Range Communicator*
Cr 1500 Mechanical Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 5000 Engineering Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 250 Radiation Detector*
Cr 2000 Electronic Tools (Hiver Configured)
Cr 200 Hiver Chair
Cr 1500 Video Recorder*
Cr 2000 Hiver Food Combine Fungus Culturer
Cr 5000 Hiver Hormonal Replacement Device
(Like a human's vitamin cabinet)

*= Item is worn on bandolier