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Library Data

Data Security Cards: An updated version of a boarding or hoteliers pass which passengers/hotel guests are required to carry with them at all times. It is the size and durability of a standard credit card. The card contains a small tamper-proof circuit that contains a biometric scanner and bio-data of the passenger/guest to allow quick identification. Imbedded in the card is a RFID tag that allows the ship's computer to monitor the whereabouts of passengers and staff to allow access or deny access. Any tampering of the said devices sends a warning to the security protocols to the ship’s computer that alerts security.

Typically, the cards come in 4 variations

Platinium: Very High Passage (Elite)/Top Officers
Gold: Very High Passage/Department Heads
Silver: High Passage/Departmental Officers
Bronze: Middle Passage/Deck Hands
Copper: Low Passage/Support Staff e.g. Cargo Handlers, Busboys, etc.

Those caught without Security atacards or found with a tampered Datacard would be treated as unwelcome guests. Punishment range from confinement to spacing. Such is the fate of stowaways or squatters.

Ref: Whilst, the security protocols are activated response varies from situation to situation. On some ships/hotel the immediate response would be send in ship's security to investigate others would merely stop the offending passenger and not allow him access anywhere (including, for those areas that (s)he had previously had clearance allowing the Steward(s) to take appropriate action. The card themselves are manufactured at a TL G consorta from the Vanguard Reaches using solid state electronics.
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