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UWP, at a glance



Code General Description

0 vacuum
1 vacuum (trace atmosphere)
2 vacuum (very thin tainted atmosphere)
3 vacuum (very thin atmosphere)
4 thin (tainted atmosphere)
5 thin
6 standard
7 standard (tainted atmosphere)
8 dense
9 dense (tainted atmosphere)
A exotic
B exotic (corrosive atmosphere)
C exotic (insidious atmosphere)
D exotic
E exotic
F exotic


Code General Description

0 desert world
1 dry world 5 % 14 %
2 dry world 15 24 %
3 wet world 25 % 34 %
4 wet world 35 % 44 %
5 wet world 45 % 54 %
6 wet world 55 % 64 %
7 wet world 65 % 74 %
8 wet world 75 % 84 %
9 wet world 85 % 94 %
A water world 95 % 100 %


Code General Description Population

0 low less than ten
1 low tens
2 low hundreds
3 low thousands
4 mod ten thousands
5 mod hundred thousands
6 mod millions
7 mod ten millions
8 mod hundred millions
9 high billions
A high ten billions


Code General Description

0 NO GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE: In many cases,but not all, family bonds predominate
1 COMPANY/CORPORATION: Government by a company or corporation managerial elite; citizens are company employees.
2 PARTICIPATING DEMOCRACY: Government by advice and consent of citizen.
3 SELF-PERPETUATING OLIGARCHY: Government by a restricted minority, with little or no input from the masses.
4 REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY: Government by elected representatives.
5 FEUDAL TECHNOCRACY: Government by specific individuals for those who agreed to be ruled. Relationships are based on the performance of technical activities which are mutually beneficial.
6 CAPTIVE GOVERNMENT/COLONY: Government by a leadership answerable to an outside group; a colony or conquered area.
7 BALKANIZATION: No central ruling authority exists; rival governments compete for control.
8 CIVIL SERVICE BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.
9 IMPERSONAL BUREAUCRACY: Government by agencies which are insulated from the governed.
A CHARISMATIC DICTATOR: Government by a single leader enjoying the confidence of the citizens.
B NON-CHARISMATIC LEADER: A previous charismatic dictator has been replaced by a leader through normal channels.
C CHARISMATIC OLIGARCHY: Government by a select group, organization, or class enjoying overwhelming confidence of the citizens.
D RELIGIOUS DICTATORSHIP: Government by a religious minority which has little regard for the needs of the citizens.
E RELIGIOUS AUTOCRACY: Government by a single religious leader having absolute power over the citizens.
F TOTALITARIAN OLIGARCHY: Government by an all-powerful minority which maintains absolute control through widespread coercion and oppression.


Code General Description

0 NO LAW (no prohibitions)
1 LOW LAW (body pistols and explosives restricted)
2 LOW LAW (man portable energy and laser weapons restricted)
3 LOW LAW (machineguns and automatic weapons restricted)
4 MODERATE LAW (light assault weapons restricted)
5 MODERATE LAW (personal concealable weapons restricted)
6 MODERATE LAW (all firearms except shotguns restricted)
7 MODERATE LAW (shotguns restricted)
8 HIGH LAW (blade weapons controlled, no open display)
9 HIGH LAW (weapon possession outside home restricted)
A EXTREME LAW (weapon possession restricted)
B EXTREME LAW (rigid control of civilian movement)
C EXTREME LAW (unrestricted invasion of privacy)
D EXTREME LAW (paramilitary law enforcement)


Code General Description

0 pre-industrial (primitive)
1 pre-industrial (bronze or iron age)
2 pre-industrial (printing press)
3 pre-industrial (basic science)
4 industrial (internal combustion)
5 industrial (mass production)
6 pre-stellar (nuclear power)
7 pre-stellar (miniature electronics)
8 pre-stellar (super conductors)
9 early stellar (fusion power)
A early stellar (jump drive)
B average stellar (large starships)
C average stellar (sophisticated robots)
D average stellar (holographic data storage)
E high stellar (anti-grav cities)
F high stellar (anagathics)
G high stellar (global terraforming)
H extreme stellar


Code General Description

A All options available
B All options available
C All options available
D All options available
F Only DISK, BANK, PERSONNEL and CARGO available
G Only DISK, BANK and CARGO available
H Only DISK available
X No starport facilities other than landing pads

If some can figure out a way of getting world sizes I would appreciate it greatly
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