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Piper's character

Character color and disclosure
E-mail transcript from 3 days prior to departure:

To: Bookings_computer@Naasirka Passenger Services, Security Office

From: Precinct_computer@Terra Prime Internal Security Service
Office of: Sub-Inspector V. Shaarunshan
Re: Routine passenger screening, case# Echo-1337-B

download: racial profile;Droyne/Chirper
download: image; Echo-1337-B_17-32
download: biometrics; Echo-1337-B

Sophont interface summary:
Subject name: Usssep
Caste: Sport
Physicals: height; 1.376m; mass,27.36kg; coloration, medium grey (ICF 75589) with subtle reticulated markings in black.

Surveillance findings: Subject has been on-planet 6 local weeks. He is an authorized representative of his clan (see query, file att.) and is functioning as a sales agent. His clan produces small electronic devices with a high level of sophistication (ref. std. TL14+) and he has managed to arrange several trade agreements.
Subject has never been observed engaging in illegal or suspicious activity and appears to be legitimate. Subject has shown no evidence of psionic ability.

Subject has demonstrated skill in electronics, computer and robot operation, and displays a marked ability to function in, what is effectively an alien society.

Subject is deemed threat level Aqua 479 and is cleared by this office for boarding.

Advisory: there are three gaps in the surveillance record totaling 57.64 minutes. Investigation revealed these to be due to random technical failures.

Instruction: download seeker_worm
Instruction: download alt.data_file
Instruction: delete "Advisory"
Instruction: delete instruction, last_in, 4

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