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Originally posted by Piper:
"Your nuts?"

Usssep's large, unblinking Droyne eyes look into the somewhat surprised ones of the seated human male.

Cocking his head to the side, the Droyne Sport indicates the untouched bowl of nuts on the man's table: "If you are not using ... to not waste them, please."

Usssep is wearing a short, robe-like garment of wide, loose strips of irridescent cloth gathered at the waist by an intricately worked metal link belt. A small holo-recorder on one side balances his hand computer on the other.
"Sure, take all that you want. Your species is capable of digesting them, right? I mean, you're the first Droyne I've ever met." said the chubby form of Matt Jeffers, only looking slightly uncomfortable in his tie, sweater, and slacks. A half-finished drink in his meaty hand.
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