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Ref. says:

TAS newsbulletin: It is with great pleasure and pride that the shipyards here at Terra Prime have launched the Pride of Naasirka. A million ton of space liner that will transverse the entire subsector. Powerful mighty engines mean that it will be able transsect 6 parsecs in a single jump. Selected invited guests from the planet's nobility as well as the family of many of shipwrights have been invited on the maiden trip to Farpoint, a measely 3 parsecs away where they will encouraged to see the sights and interact with the local Zhodani trade delegation which have expressed great interest.

A Naasirka spokesperson stated that: "It was hoped that this ship could be seen as a beacon of peace as it picks up the ambassador for the first leg of his trip to Capital where he will present his credentials."

Factions of the Anti-Technological league have forecasted disaster for the ship stating: "Every device has its limitations, there was an ancient terran sea vessel called the Titanic that nobody believed would sink but as everyone knows what happened. Not saying that we are going to be the iceberg but Naasirka had better watch out! There were many unhappy workers here on Terra Prime when they decided to robotize some of the shifts given the situation of such unemployment."

The Pride of Naasirka has been launched without any problems and after a momentary dimming of the lights. The public service system announces that cocktails are aviable at any of the 12 lounges. And commencing shortly on the swimming pool level a series of aquatic acrobatic Dolphins will be preforming Swan Pond. All crew are asked to man their Jump stations and passengers may be free to roam the ship. Remember, your access cards allow to freely travel where ever you wish so long as you have the proper security clearance. Thank you and have a nice evening.
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