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Originally Posted by Kilgs View Post
Another option... being able to turn off rule enforcement in UWP's so they don't keep changing if you make something off the wall. I like the enforcement but there are some designed locales that I don't adhere to the rules and it keeps switching them around on me.
Travellermap strictly enforces T5 rules for world designs and if there's something wrong it will generate a warning or an error.

Paste your data here to see:

In the case of warnings, it's generally not an issue. In fact, I disagree with a couple of minor points and pasting in one of my data files may show these.

In the case of errors, Travellermap will not draw the system at all! So I have to follow the rules otherwise the maps will not be correct.

Note that editing a world should be done in the app from top to bottom, left to right. That way, something you've already entered above will not be changed.
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