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Originally Posted by giant.robot View Post
Besides historical tech don't forget modern muscle powered tech like bikes. Mountain bikes make for pretty effective off-road vehicles, bikes in general have seen military service for a century in just about every major conflict.

Modern (as of late 90s T2k setting) bikes of all types are lightweight and reliable. They're also going to be readily available (at least in the early years of the war) as millions of people already own them and they can be found in just about any Target or Walmart not to mention dedicated sporting goods stores. Mid-war and post-war bikes will be rougher as they'd be recycled or scratch built by shade tree mechanics with crappy welding torches but still plenty useful.

Cargo trailers for bikes are also pretty useful, good ones can haul hundreds of pounds of stuff. A couple bikes can haul the same amount of crap as a light pickup truck without the fuel expenditure. They also need a fraction of the other consumables an ICE vehicle needs like coolant and lubricants.

I see cantons and other post-Twilight communities being lousy with bikes. Everyone from messengers to scouts to light infantry would be riding around on two wheels. Someone that can repair or rebuild bikes would be as valued as someone that can keep gas powered vehicles running.
I forgot about bikes because of my disability, as I have not ridden one in something like 40 years or so. I am not so sure about the "crappy" welding torches, as there is going to still be some electric power being generated for arc welding, so you should be able to produce good welds.

I also forgot about the number of horses that would still be around for recreational and other riding. Driving around the past couple of days, there are quite a few riding horses in my area of the county. Those could also be put to use for both personal transportation and wagon hauling. Out in Lake Geneva, you had the carriage rides with horses.

Down in the area of the Southwest, you are going to have a lot more horses available and horses can survive perfectly fine on grass alone, as can cows. Dairy cattle do produce more milk when feed a grain ration, but will produce it from grazing also, just not a much.

There are also several herds of sheep in my area being raised for their wool, along with goats for milking. Looking things over, there is quite a lot in the U.S. for developing a post-attack recovery.
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