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Default Kickstarter for Squadron Strike: Traveller app is funded

Our AVID Assistant Kickstarter reached 100% funding with 25 days left to go! Thanks to everyone who is supporting this project--you've exceeded our wildest dreams.

The AVID Assistant Kickstarter

Blather, blather, blather for those who want to know about the Kickstarter:

This project is a computerized version of the AVID. When you're trying to get new players to the table, the AVID Assistant removes all of "am I doing this right?" questions from newbies. For people who already play Squadron Strike,* it makes managing multiple ships easier and speeds up play. It removes errors in orientation, and it moves some of the head-bendy conceptual tricks from your brain to buttons on a tablet or phone.

Risks? There's already a functioning, tested program. Ken and the development team put a lot of work into it, and it handles the three basic functions of the AVID, including heading changes (shown in the first image below), shooting bearings (second image), and mapping bearings to firing arcs (third image).

*and Attack Vector: Tactical
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