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Default Looking for ideas

I'm building a campaign/adventure for people who have never played T5 before (or any other Traveller, for that matter). One of the ideas I have is to have each character experience 1 or 2 very short mini-adventures before the real adventure begins.

So, I'm fishing for ideas for mini-adventures that one person can go through. Pretty much anything goes, although the characters are all starting out on a planet and are more or less "near" the SP.

One requirement is that there be at least one task or combat requiring the use of one or more skills, characteristics, or knowledges. Another is that it is simple.

My intent is to have a list of these mini-adventures, each of which have a list of skills, knowledges, and/or characteristics, the use of which will give them a good probability of succeeding. Then, I'll pick a mini-adv. from the list that the character has the right skill(s) to handle.

I've thought of a couple as examples:

John runs into a pouncer and must defend himself. He's carrying only a simple blade weapon. (Blade, Str, Survival, ...)

Jane is lost, and needs to find something to eat. There are plenty of <edible animal that doesn't fight back, akin to a Terran rabbit> around, but she has no weapons. (Dex, Str, survival, ...)

Jane is lost, and needs to find something to eat. There are plenty of <edible animal as above> around. She has a slug-thrower, but she needs to hit on the first shot, lest she scare the "bunnies" away for an hour or so. (Dex, survival, gun, ...)

Bart is a long way from home. He wandered too far from camp, and needs to get back before dark. He has run across an abandoned wheeled vehicle, but it isn't running. (mechanic, Int, Tra, Edu, ...)

One warning: My dream is to someday publish this. While I doubt that will ever happen, if it does I may use your ideas at that time. You will be credited (by name or by screen name, as desired), but I doubt I'll be able to compensate anybody (except FFE, of course).
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