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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by hunter:
Sector Quadrant Books
These books will cover a quadrant with a sector (4 subsectors) and detail 32 worlds within that area along with basic regional information and adventure material. 128 pages each expected.

This looks to be a great idea, but 128pp each seems a bit much (considering that Behind the Claw and Rim of Fire cover an entire sector in that much space). I'd prefer 64pp: with 1 page per world (like the world write-ups in Knightfall or Long Way Home) that leaves 32pp for general background and adventure material, which should be more than enough, and I know I'd be more likely to drop $12 for a 64pp book than $20 on a 128pp one (especially if you plan on releasing several of them).

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The Zoological Survey
Basically a Creature/Monster manual for T20 describing and detailing beasts found around and near the Imperium.

I agree with the others who've said that from a Traveller standpoint this sounds like a yawn and I seriously doubt I'd buy it. However, from a d20 standpoint it might work, giving DMs a bunch of new sf-flavored baddies to throw into their D&D campaigns, and potential sales to D&Ders is the whole point of T20 anyway, right?

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Citizens of Gateway
More prestige classes, more detailed Prior Histories, etc...

As described this sounds like a mostly d20-specific rulebook, which I'd almost certainly skip. A more interesting and generally useful concept IMO would be to keep the rules-stuff limited to 12pp or so and fill the rest with detailed Personality descriptions (a la JTAS Casual Encounters) and Patrons (12pp rules + 20 Personalities (@32pp) + 30 Patrons (@20pp) = 64pp book). Something like this could give lots of flavor and background color and give folks something to actually play as well.

Other things I'd like to see:
A big epic-style adventure. Patrons and hooks and mini-adventures are all well and good, and the more the better, but I also want a big honkin' 128pp Traveller Adventure style monster, something that's been sorely missing from the GT line. Except for canon-police screaming bloody murder, I'd be perfectly happy to see William Keith's 'Lords of Thunder' backdated, fleshed out, and adapted to T20 -- after all, it's in the right setting, and apparently its copyright reverted to FFE.

Of course, a catalog of starships including T20/HG stats (which are essenatially identical, right?), illustrations, deckplans, anecdotal/background info, etc. Something like what T4 Starships may have been had it been competently designed.

I'd also like to see a series of books expanding upon the various Traveller civilian careers - Scientists, Diplomats, Hunters, Belters, Rogues, Nobles, Agents, Entertainers, etc - giving expanded char-gen info and spot-rules (kept pretty light, though, since depending on its d20-specificity I'd likely skip it), catalogs of specialized ships and gear, and career-oriented patrons, hooks, and adventures. Such series were planned both for CT (by J. Andrew Keith) and T4 (announced titles from CORE) but neither really got off the ground, and so we're still stuck with scads of info on the military, scouts, and merchants but bare bones for everybody else, like we've had for the past 15 years.
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