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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DrSkull:
I had an idea called "Mercenary Starship Claymore" it would be a combination adventure/sourcebook. 1 subsector (light to moderate detail), plans for a modified Merc Crusier, 2 10-page adventures, 2-3 pages of Patrons/Mercenary Tickets,(all the adventure material involving the given subsector and the merc cruiser) and the rest filled with rules for running mercenary games and additional weapons, vehicles and spacecraft.


Hmm, possibly slightly specialist appeal, although with a little work you could make it appeal to non-merecnary orientated players (e.g. civilian specialist team attched to the Merc Company etc). And yet again it's that killer combo: useful general background, inspirational detail and solid material to get you started...
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