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Originally Posted by BMonnery View Post
We know from 1st edition that tantalum has pretty much gone from the Earth, it was some valuable that prettymuch every grade of ore was used, they even mined under the Antarctic. Where the tantalum was is primarily a historic question in 2k3 (or 2k32).
There seems to be some deposits left on Earth.

In the various descriptions of the Tantalum War we learn that Indonesia got so much tantalum reserves from Bengal that they could build and maintain a trade fleet. In 2320 AD we learn that the amount found in the Andaman Sea was less than Indonesia hade expected.

Spain traded its reserves, but on Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook page 51 we learn that some small scale extraction is still left. Portugal seems to have some minor deposits too.

Azania seems to have some deposits left, and the Central Asian Republic is believed to have large reserves waiting to be mined. On page 56 in the Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook it seems to have been one of the reasons for the Central Asian War. Manchuria is also stated to have some reserves.

Mozambique is the nation that tantalum built. This is not mentioned in 2320 AD, where Mozambique is put as Tier 4 nation without much comment. The description of Mozambique of a very rich nation could still be valid though, and with Mozambique still in possession of vast reserves of tantalum. It does pose some concerns of how well the tier system measures a nations position in world politics.

Finally in 2320 AD Iran is stated to have some small reserves on page 64, there are rumours of Uruguay have some small reserves on page 59 and Antarctica is described on page 69 as not having been prospected for tantalum yet.
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