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Mr. Barclay,

I own PP:E and had the pleasure of playtesting PP:F. (I also pre-ordered it from Warehouse 23.) The PP games are excellent naval wargames. They are also not very well suited for playing with small ships; i.e. PC vessels.

As the other responders have already mentioned, you can fiddle with time and scale to 'downsize' the PP games for PC use. Adding player skills to the mix will be bothersome however.

The PP games use 1D6 for most rolls. There isn't a lot of 'room' to cram different skill levels in that span. ForEx: The difference between Pilot-1 and Pilot-3; quite substantial in Mayday or HG2, would get lost in PP:E or PP:F.

Your assumption regarding weapon boxes on the SSD representing batteries is correct. Weapon ratings that can be 1 thru 9 in HG2 are only one of 2 ratings in the PP games.

Like my reply in your ground combat rules thread, whether a GM uses PP:E or Mayday will depend in the type of campaign she is running.

"The beauty of CT LBB1-3 is that the ref is free to make such decisions for themselves." - Mike Wightman
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