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I'm also assuming, if it is like FT, that a 'beam' is actually a 'beam battery' (a la High Guard I suppose). That is to say, if you have a large capship with 300 laser turrets, your SSD won't have 300 weapon boxes on it.

You can change the mass/DP scale and probably be okay anyway, given the shorter timescales. You'd need to adjust your definition of an MU (Measuring Unit) though to correspond to timescales and presumed thrusts.

Maybe this is a good avenue for the PP producers to investigate PP:RPG to tie in with the idea of characters using PP as a space combat mod for the RPG. Maybe they could (if the conversion was small) just do a $5 PDF for it.

And no one has mention skills... I assume (knowing FT mechanics) that they would be a big bugaboo to add in.
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