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Originally posted by kaladorn:
I have a question:

So, how does PP:E handle small ships like PCs are likely to have, like Beowulfs, Patrol Cruisers, Corsairs, etc? How does it make them survivable enough to be interesting? How are player skills factored in (for RPG purposes)? And how does it integrate with PP:F?
Hmmmm... I'm afraid that you're not going to like the following answer. Power Projection's conversion system states that every 500 d-tons equals one damage box. Therefore, your 100 dt scout only has one DP, as does your 200 dt far trader or your 500 dt SDB.

PP was not meant to be an RPG supplement, but a stand alone space combat game with a bias toward capital ships. However, I'm sure that with a little thought, some modifications can be made to steer it toward that direction.

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