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I have a question:

I'm an FT player. In FT, a small (low mass rating) ship like a corvette or the like, had 3 or 4 hull boxes, and a good roll with a single beam battery could make it go POP!

While this makes sense in the context of a fleet battle game, in the context of an RPG, that'll really annoy your PCs.... "What? One roll of three stinking dice and we're all dead? What kinda crap is that?"

So, how does PP:E handle small ships like PCs are likely to have, like Beowulfs, Patrol Cruisers, Corsairs, etc? How does it make them survivable enough to be interesting? How are player skills factored in (for RPG purposes)? And how does it integrate with PP:F?

Yes, it sounds like I'm asking for a review... ideally by someone who has some idea about Full Thrust (Siefert, where ya hiding?).
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