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But we must speculate on what sort of TL-25 to 30 handwavium weaponry was being used in the Ancient's War. Perhaps multi-thousand kilometer long, stasis-field jacketed, monomolecular strands were used to slice a planet up, followed by rapid fire bombardment of the remaining chunks with neutronium cannons (firing golf ball size masses of the material found on neutron stars). That should procduce lots of convenient chunks floating all over the place, with the impacts serving to distribute the belt (but blowing most of the material out-system, where they might have either left stellar orbit entirely, or been caught in the outer Oort orbits. But even though accretion could begin again immediately, is 300,000 years enough to reverse that kind of damage? Wouldn't most of the chunks be floating around in the orbit slot, inching closer to one another across considerable distances (our asteriod belt is mostly empty space, after all).

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