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You're welcome, I guess.
So far, I really like your setting (apart from a couple historical events that won't matter in the grand scheme of things called "campaign").
Well, the chargen got me kinda by surprise. I didn't realize how used I've got to "bonus skills on promotion and/or commission", which is absent from your version (or at least I'm not finding the reference).
But I like the attention given to childhood and adolescence events, and given that it makes sense to make Travellers with about 10 terms, it certainly works!
I'm currently eyeing the Cascadia sector book, but won't decide on it before reading the whole setting to the end. (And it's the first time for years that I've been considering buying an RPG book in print. Yes, this is high praise from me).
"Still, it is ultimately the ability of the individuals
involved to play the role (by adopting the appropriate patterns of thought) that will determine the success or failure of the game
in portraying the Solomani as a race that is simultaneously human physically, but quite alien mentally and emotionally."
- Alien Module 6: Solomani (Introduction).
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