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Default Aramis' Sp:1889 Rules Notes

Note: Red Text Indicates house rule addition.
Skill List

Close Combat
— Bash
— Edged
— Pole
Fisticuffs (-1)
Throwing (˝)
— Aerial Flyer
— Cloudship

— Forger
— Lockpick
— Pickpocket
— Bow
— Pistol
— Rifle
— Electricity
— Machinist
— Steam
Stealth (-1)

Swimming (˝)
Wilderness Travel (-1)
— Foraging
— Mapping
— Mountaineering
— Woodcutting
— Breech Loading Cannon
— Exotic Weaponry
— Machinegun/Rotary Cannon
— Muzzle Loading Cannon
Observation (-1)
— Archaeology
— Biology
— Chemistry
— Geology
— Physics
Eloquence (-1)
Linguistics (N)
— (list)
Social Level
— Aerial Flyer
— Cloudship
— Interplanetary Ether Flyer
— Sailing Vessel
— Steam Vessel
— Submarine
— Zeppelin


AttributesCC Skill/MoraleOther skills
If Physically Oriented: St4 Ag 4 En4 In2 (UA Sv 8-ASt)
If Mentally Oriented: St2 Ag2 En2 In4 (UA Sv 4-ASt)
So by job
Ch by roll or job
Gr 1/8
Tr 2/9
Ex 3/10
Ve 4/11
El 5/12
1 young/novice
2 able
3 experienced
4 veteran
5 Master
6 Grand Master


Unarmed MeleeArmed MeleeCC Rangedranged
ActionsCC SkillCC SkillCC Skill4
Hit DiceAgilityby weapon †1Shots
Hit NumberFisticuffsWpn Skill †CC Skill▮†Wpn Skill †
Common TN ModsReach Diff.
Str Pen †
Reach Diff
Str Pen †
Two Weapon
Str Pen †
Two Weapon
Str Pen †
Save TnTSt+TEn - AStWpn +ArmorWpn -1 ‡Wpn ‡
† -1 per point of St below required
Two Weapon attack: Tn -1 each, 2nd must be firearm or dagger
Save Dice: 1, 2 if using shield
‡Common Ranged Save mods (to maximum Sv 5)
-1 Firing at mass formation
-1 Target charging firer
+1ea Target Mounted, Flying
+1/+2/+3 Lt/Md/Hd cover
+(Fieldcraft/2) Concealed
~ Aramis /trav
Smith & Wesson: The Original Point and Click interface!

Archduke of Sylea (CORE 2118)
Duke of the Third Imperium (SPIN 0534)
Count Terra (SOLO 1827)
Count Gorod (REFT 1302)
Count of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2232)
Viscount of Adabicci (SPIN 1824)
Marquis of the Solomani Rim (SOLO 0606)
Marquis of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2410)
Baron of the Third Imperium (SPIN 2231)
Knight of the Iridium Throne (CORE 1434)
Sir William Hostman (OLDE 0512)
Sir William Hostman (DAGU 0622)
Knight of Deneb (REFT 2239)
Knight of Deneb (Spin 2532)
SEH w/Diamonds for Extreme Heroism - Battle of Boughene
MCG - Battle of Boughene
TAS: William Hostman (CORR 2506)
TAS: Bearer (DAIB 1326)
IMTU ct+ tm++ tne tg-- tt+ tmo+ t4- t20+ to ru+ ge+ 3i+ c+ jt au ls pi+ ta he+ st+
Wil Hostman 0602 C539857-9 S A724
OTU: 95% 3i an+ au+ br- cpu± dt± f+ fs++ ge± ih- inf± j± jf+ jm+ jt+ ls- n= nc+ pi+ pp-- tp+ tr+ tv- vi-- xb+-
Unless there is bold red text, presume my posts to be my personal material only.

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