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Originally Posted by aramis View Post
It's likely that they "paid" by purchase order (literally a line of credit), and are thus legitimately in line well before you, Ty.
Well, anything is possible. But until some confirmation is received from Mongoose, your speculation is merely that--speculation.

And the more I think about it, the less impressed I am with how Mongoose handled it.

Fact -- they had to know how many copies were preordered by both individual consumers and distributors.

Fact -- They had to know how many copies they were printing.

Fact -- this information would make it easy for them to determine if they were gonna be able to fulfill a preorder.

In my opinion, they should not have taken a consumer's money for a preorder if they already knew that stores would get the product before the consumer did. At the very least, they should have informed the customer that his order would be delayed and offered a refund. Since the preorders are via email, this is a trivially easy task.

If they take a customer's money, they should deliver the product/service that the customer reasonably expects. Or at least warn him that his expectations won't be met.

Instead, Mongoose apparently took the money, used it, then shipped the product to others. I can't find a good face to put on that.

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