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I'm not sure why, but I never needed any preparation for Traveller. Local conditions (gravity, atmosphere, government) were already setup. Deckplans were in the books, weapons' tables were in the basic book or mercenary, and unless you were a high guard junky, space combat was pretty basic (no explosion rules for dead ships though).

For something like D&D, T&T, Champions/HERO, SFB, or even one of the old microgames, it was a slightly different story. For environment specific areas with a lot of quirks ... say arctic or subarctic, or a vaccum world or some such, occasionally a player would remind whoever was running the game that extreme low temperatures, or a lack of air, or high pressures or no pressure would do something or have some effect on something.

Whether it's pre-industrial societies (Rennaisance and prior) or post 20th / 21st century interplanetary or interstellar settings, the research and preparation were essentially done by virtue of the fact that gamers were (are) typically knowledgeable about the game environment.
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