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So the Alexandrian's posts are really very helpful to me. The advice I get from him and Robin Laws are:

(1) Find out what your players want out of a game -- what their "kick" is -- and make sure you tailor the game for them.

That's from the old booklet by Robin Laws. Stan Shinn has taken this to the next level, suggesting an agenda or contract list of sorts be agreed upon by the referee and players as to what they want to get out of a game/session.

(2) Write up scenarios, not plots.

That means you work out the details of a particular location or situation, but don't do the throw-away work of linking them into a plot line. Let the players draw the plot as they like.

(3) For any conclusion you want/need the PCs to make, include at least three clues... and for any given problem, make sure there’s at least one solution and remain completely open to any solutions the players might come up with on their own.
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