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Savage Worlds has a Sci-Fi companion (hereafter, SW SFC)...

It has some passable (but cinematic rather than simulational) ship rules. their terminology is bloody annoying to anyone versed in the terminology of the US Navy before Korea. (A terminology which has been largely inherited into Traveller.)

THe size categories are interesting...
Size CategoryShip types
World KillerMegaDreadnoughts, Megacarriers, Colony Ships
LeviathanSuperdreadnoughts, Supercarriers, Settlement ships
BehemothDreadnoughts, Invasion Carriers
GargantuanBattleships, Strike Carriers
GiantCruisers, Destroyers, Light Dreadnoughts, Troop Ships
HugeBulk freighters, Corvettes, Light Frigates
LargeCutters, Scientific exploration vessels, small freighters
MediumBombers, Large shuttles, Scout Ships
SmallFighters, Shuttles

(Most Sci Fi authors use a late 19th C to WW2 derived model:
SD, DN, BB, BC, CA, CL, DD, FF, Corvette, Escort
BB, DN, BC, CA, CM, CL, DD, FF, Cutter

A few have used the US "Frigate = Light Cruiser except for the reporting to the appropriations committee."

It uses "Superstructure" in an odd way, as well.
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