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Default Stats/opinions wanted

A couple of items from T5:

Imperial Marine Cutlass.
TL F, Size 4, Cr 2,000.
A ceremonial, iridium cutlass with gold and silver filigrees, worn by Imperial marine officers on formal occasions. Finely crafted and ornamented. Sharp to a frightening thinness. Stronger than steel (will cut TL4 cutlasses with ease).
Individualized versions are made by a master craftsman, and are extremely rare. Typically presented as a commemorative item and inscribed with the owner’s name, the date of presentation, and the event commemorated. Occasionally it will have slogans or comments engraved as well, e.g. “handle me well, for I was wielded by Emperor Arbellatra in the Year of our Third Imperium 620 when she beheaded the traitorous bastard Gustav.”

Dagger, Imperial Navy.
TL F, Size 3, 50 grams, Cr 1,700.
A ceremonial, jeweled, iridium dagger carried by Imperial naval officers on formal occasions. Balanced for throwing. Finely crafted and ornamented.

My question is this, what are the stats on these? "will cut TL4 cutlasses with ease" implies to me that penetration alone will be improved if nothing else.

I would also like an opinion on what the MT stats would look like compared to a normal cutlass (3 pen 2 block 3 damage) and normal dagger (2 pen 1 block 2 damage)
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