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Cool Memory Plastic Knife

And here - written up for that same campaign, although IIRC it originally comes from a published GDW CT adventure - is the Memory Plastic Knife like Frank gave Dabi. FYI, OOC, Frank habitually carries three of these in that combat knife size, in the ration bar wrappings. These are also balanced for throwing (Frank liked to read RAH's Tunnel in the Sky when he was a kid; one reason he went into Scouts). Frank also has a larger one, like a small machete or shortsword, what Traveller would call a Blade.

Memory Plastic Knife
knife plastic undetectable weapon
Blob of memory plastic resumes knife shape when tapped.

Category: weapon (melee)

Memory Plastic Knife: Resembling a blob of shapeless plastic (although it may be molded somewhat into simple shapes), this resin/fiber weapon resumes its shape as a very hard, very sharp knife upon being rapped sharply against a hard surface.

To return the knife to blob form, it must be heated above 100 Celsius, as in a microwave oven, pot of boiling water, or direct exposure to fire (the plastic is extremely fire-resistant to much higher temperatures). The softened plastic may be worked with tools or molds into different shapes, or as it cools but is still soft may be molded by hand into rougher shapes. When rapped hard, it will always return to its original knife shape.

Different forms and sizes of knives (or other tools) may be made of this same material, but the base form must be set when first manufactured, and the blob will always return to that base form when rapped hard.

Common base forms are combat knife, dagger, throwing knife, blade (large blob) , machete (even larger blob).

TL-9, mass 0.5kg, cost Cr300
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