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Default More babble about stunners

Just noticed the electrolaser stunner got dropped in the transfer of stun weapons over to the GEAR thread. No big deal if you don't like them, I've just always thought they were a cool idea. Here are a few notes in case you are still willing to reconsider:
  • Electrolaser stunner operates as a low-powered pulse laser pistol, not powerful enough to do any damage more than a slight skin burn, won't even ignite paper. The trick is that right on top of the laser pulse the pistol emits a bolt of electricity that follows the ionization trail of the laser to hit and Stun the target, like a Taser without the wires.
  • Necessary tech to make Electrolaser is a pulse laser that can fit into a pistol, plus energy storage to power both the laser and the electric stun bolt. Maybe same TL as laser pistol, maybe one TL lower since the laser doesn't need killing power, only enough to make the ionized path through atmosphere?
  • I think Electrolaser stunner fits about the same niche as Sonic stunner. Both are better than Taser bc they don't need darts/wires, so can keep shooting as long as energy cell holds out. Both probably have a little better range than Taser (no wires), but not too great. Both require atmosphere to function at range but could probably work by direct contact in vacuum. Electrolaser has problems in rain or fog or any situation that might detour the electric bolt from its path; these same conditions might also interfere with a Sonic beam.
  • I think the Neuro stunner is probably a better weapon than either Electrolaser or Sonic. Well, actually the Neuro beam is totally made up, so it can have whatever properties you want it to have, but if we are saying that it is the newer, high TL, more expensive version, then it should have some advantages: longer range, more accurate, works in vacuum, not as vulnerable to atmospheric interference, whatever you think appropriate.

Edit: and if, as you say, Electric damage isn't supposed to cause Stun... well, we know damn well that it should, unless Tasers and stunguns in current usage are Not Real? As Hans Rancke used to say, "It also has to make sense."
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