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Cool Types of Stun Damage

Originally Posted by Magnus von Thornwood View Post
[*]Damage: stungun 2D (Pain/stun), taser 1D Pen (darts)/2D (Pain/stun), sonic stunner 4D (Sound/stun). and neurostunner 5D (Neuro*/stun).

EDIT: * Neurostunners hit Int and Dex with prolonged damage possibly affecting Edu. Basically it slows active thought and disrupts the neurological system (Int) which results in loss of motor control (hence the Dex hits).

FURTHER EDITS: Okay, I hit my copy of the T5 rules and it looks like Electric does straight up Hits and not Stun. On the other hand there is the Pain category which does, as does Magnetic (though that seems more toward machine life), Stench, and Sound.
I dunno, I think we're really on our own for making up any kind of Stun damage for T5 besides the basic Tranq, which is apparently limited only to Darts fired from Rifles or Carbines.

Nothing in there that I see to show that either Sonic or Electric do Stun damage, except that we want them to do it because Sonic Stunners are an SF standard, and we have Real World evidence that Electric Stun works (tasers, "stunguns").

I don't even see the damage types you mentioned for Pain and Neuro, but they make sense and I have no objection to you adding them, in fact I encourage it. Frank would never use a Pain setting on his weapon to coerce, subdue, or Stun a prisoner/suspect... unless it was Really Important for Saving Innocent Lives... but others throughout history right up to the present have been less scrupulous, and sadly I see no reason to expect that to change.

Previous Traveller editions have had Neural Activity Sensing, followed by Neural Stunner and Neural Blaster weapons, derived from anti-psi research. Sounds good to me! <Voice="Tevye">Tradition, Tradition!</Voice>
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